ACEup Sevanam Web Portal

Aceup mark solutions is a partnership firm registered under Indian partnership act as per firm reg. no : 3497/2014 dated 15/11/2014. It is a unit of a Aceup Village group comprising of online service centers. Aceup Village group has setup number of similar firms to strengthen the Online platform. It includes Akshaya maangangalyam, Akshayaace Training and technical education. The office of the firm is situated at 1ST floor, Anugraha Arcade, Pavamani Road, Calicut- 1 The business of the firm include providing consultancy services in digital signature vending, pan card facilitation centre, marriage consultancies, job consultancies, insurance consultancies and any other consultancy services for a fee, share of fee, commission or brokerage, as franchisees, agents, outlets, business partners or in any other capacity along with other activities incidental to, related to, and connected to the said business and such other business as the partners agree upon from time to time.

Objectives :

We are providing utility services and defferent website links under one roof,It will be very helpful for Online service centers.and providing Online center Management softwares like,Staff attendance,Accounting like that..

Programs implemented:

Training for ACEup Agents

Conducted Entrepreneurial development training program to all districts in Kerala. About 20 such programs conducted and Entrepreneurs varying from 60 to 80 participated in the program. These programs have succeeded in motivating the entrepreneurs and equipping them to fulfill there task in a more efficient way.

Ticketing and Recharging Services

All type of Travel ticket booking includes Railway ticketing, Bus ticket booking, Flight ticket booking and also we are providing Cheapest Hotel booking, all types Mobiles, Dishes also can Recharge through this portal and can earn good commission

Vehicle Insurance

We are also providing New India Vehicle Insurance calculation services . Centers can easily calculate premium amount and issue policy quickly

SMS Service

Highspeed Transactional SMS Fecility incorporated with this portal.Centers can purchase SMS at very low cost

Pan Card and E-Mudhra Signature

We are providing UTI PAN card Services and E Mudhra Digital signature through this portal, Centers can easily apply for PAN card at very low cost

Money Transfer

Fecility for Money Transfer to all other Banks in India also Here,Transfer money and earn good commission!!


By becoming a DSA the Online centers will get the benefit of a micro agency and it will help them to sell the MTS products through there centre.


By becoming a corporate agent we can make entrepreneurs as IRDA licensed life insurance agent

And More...

We are exploring new projects ,That can implement through Online Centers.We are welcoming defferent companies as our business partners..

Our Business Associates


We are providing Helpline Asssistance for every services

Online Support

Defferent Mail Id's are provided for the support of defferent services

Cash Payment

Currently no direct online cash payment fecility in this portal,But we provide defferent bank accounts to make cash transaction easily

Technical Support

Our Technical wing are ready to serve you as per your requirement